Making Summer Camp Adventure and Education Accessible

Camp Tatiyee is committed to making ALL summer camp activities accessible to your camper, whatever their need may be. Your camper will be able to participate in cutting-edge adventure programming and educational workshops made to fit their needs. All programs are designed to improve the confidence, independence, and emotional health of your camper.


Adventure programs offer fun, accessible, and physical activities meant to provide the classic camp experience. Your camper will have the opportunity to just be a kid, have fun, and get dirty!


Science provides a substantial educational enrichment opportunity, letting campers learn about chemistry, biology, geology, and more. Your camper will get hands-on experience with fundamental areas of scientific study.


Your camper will have the opportunity to swim in a fully-accessible, indoor, heated pool. The facility is designed to be a therapeutic opportunity for campers in wheelchairs to move about freely and independently.

Cultural Arts

Cultural arts allows your camper to find a creative and practical outlet, harnessing their creativity into physical keepsakes that will remind them of their time at camp.


Certified archery teachers provide your camper with the unique opportunity to shoot a bow and arrow on a professional level archery range. Campers are able to test their physical boundaries, building confidence and independence.

Other Programs

  • Cooking

  • Dance

  • Talent Show

  • Yoga

  • Campfire

  • Fishing

A Typical Day For Your Camper

The average day at Camp Tatiyee begins at 7 am and ends by 9 pm. Programming is conducted in the morning, afternoon, and night.

Three meals are provided daily to campers, and nurses are always present at meal times to assist as needed and dispense medications. After lunch, campers are provided with a rest hour to relax and regain strength for afternoon programs. Breaks are offered as needed for campers with unique needs.

All campers are assigned a counselor in their dorm who is responsible for assisting the camper as needed with dressing, bathing, toileting, and teeth brushing. This staff member is trained to care for your camper and will provide attentive, compassionate, 24-hour care.