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    We are almost ready to start virtual camp! We will be posting approximately an hour of programming on Mondays and Fridays including our “Tatiyee Talk Show” and 2 other programs. And 2 hours or 8 videos on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. These will be available to all of you who applied this year and past years.

    We have decided to send you the links each day to everyone, some weeks you may think it isn’t geared to you because we are going week by week in our calendar and appealing to each week on our schedule. However, we know ideas for activities are helpful and we will leave it up to your discretion to decide when to watch, with the exception of Deaf week and Orthopedically Challenged Adults. Those weeks will only be available to the campers in their respective sessions.

    Once you have the link you are able to view videos at your discretion and any time you wish to watch you can. You can also re-watch some if you want. Make us fit your schedule! We will try to e-mail out a list for you a week ahead of time of things you may need for activities, we have instructed counselors to stick to things they can find in their house.

    Please supervise your campers if you watch various sessions to be sure they are appropriate.